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About Ney:

The only reason of making ney in our workshop is to produce high quality and best tuned neys preffered by all ney players.

As you know best ney reeds can be find between thousand reeds in the field. From the field to the end, reeds have a long process <

After cutting the reeds, they have to wait almost one year for drying period. Each reed needs to get maximum attention and effort by ney makers. Thickness and region of the reed are also important.

Cut and dried reeds are not enough to produce a good ney. Knowledge about tunes and justifying the reed with good tunes is another difficult issue. Therefore we prefer to make our own neys and we have high attention to do it with best quality.

There are a lot of neys in the market with the name of famous ney player Suleyman Erguner. But unfortunatly none of them made by him. Therefore please do not buy them and call us if you see any. The only orginal neys signed by him are making in our workshop.

He also tells about "making ney" with all measures and details in his book of "Ney Metod" (page 46-55)