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What we offer

Buying a Ney:

We offer 2 types of ney.

' A' type neys are produced with high quality reeds the horn 'bashpare' (mouthpiece) and silver 'parazvane.
' B' type neys are standard reeds with delrin (i.e plastic) bashpare and alpaca (i.e nickel silver) parazvane. All our reeds are from world famous Hatay-Samandag region. 

Our neys are made by in traditional ways. Final tunings are done by high tech tuners. These neys are the most prefferable of many ney players.

You can also find Ney Cases, Suleyman Erguner's Ney Method book, CDs and other books in our workshop.

We offer two different packages for ney lovers:
1- Package 1: A ney with your choice of tune and a ney case.
2- Package 2:Two neys with your choice of tunes, and a ney case, ney method book, CDs.





If you want to buy a Ney or if you want to join our workshops, please fill in the form and contact us.

If you also interested in other Turkish instruments (e.g kanun, rebab, ud, tanbur, kemence) please contact us.