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Dr. Suleyman Erguner is a lecturer at Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory .He is from a family of accomplished ney players. Ney is a reed instrument that is closely associated with Sufi mystical music. Neyzen Erguner performs solo as well as with the Mevlevi dervishes during their ceremonies.

Neyzen Erguner teaches ney techniques and theory. He has written a very comprehensive book that teaches both theory and techniques of ney. This book includes 2 CDs and is essential learning material for anyone who is interested in learing and playing this instrument as well as anyone interested in Turkish music. 

The Erguner method book is used in conservatories in Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and other countries around the world.
Topics include: history of ney, construction, specifications, playing techniques, relationship to Mevlevi Sufi tradition, information on ney players (neyzens) and the maqam system.
Erguner Press, Istanbul, 2002
Large format. (9x12 in, 23x30 cm)
With 2 CDs.
350 pages
in Turkish

Samples from Suleyman Erguner's Ney Method Book  :