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They are very famous for 3 generation. Grand father Suleyman Erguner and father Ulvi Erguner's works are continiuing with their grand son Suleyman Erguner.

Suleyman - Ulvi - Suleyman Erguner



Suleyman Erguner is considered one of the foremost ney players in  Turkey. He was born into a family of musicians.  His father Ulvi Erguner (1924-1974) and grandfather Suleyman Erguner (1902-1953) were the leading ney (reed instrument) players of their times. Suleyman Erguner started his music education at childhood in his family and learned to play the ney from his father. 


In 1975, he was accepted to work in the Istanbul State Radio and Television as a ney player.In 1980, Erguner started teaching ney technique and theory at İstanbul University Turkish Music Conservatory.  In1997, he completed his PHD in  the history of Turkish mystical music at the Faculty Of Social Sciences at Marmara University. In 1995, he became the leader of İstanbul Mevlevi Ensemble (founded in 1980). Currently, Suleyman Erguner is a  faculty member at the Istanbul University Turkish Music Conservatory. He is  the conductor for the Classical Turkish Music Chorus and the Mystic Music Ensemble   of the Istanbul State Radio Television and he is also General Director of the musical department of Turkish Radio - Television (TRT).


Süleyman Erguner wrote and published a book about the techniques of playing the ney which is a first in the world. He has given many solo concerts, joined in many ceremonies performed by the mevlevi dervishes in Turkey and overseas since 1975. His CDs have received numerous awards in Europe, Japan and North America. 


Suleyman Erguner developed his own style sticking to the traditional modes while performing, but finding a new path trying to discover the best and never-tried way to express himself. Süleyman Erguner continues his projects in a variety of formats: solo ney, classical ensemble (vocal accompaniment is an option); semi-classical ensemble with singers; Sufi ritual with Whirling Dervishes.

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